Three member group Nukilan first appears in a single titled Rindu; a duet with Indonesian singer Shae, followed by Aduh Neng, released in April 2015. Nukilan’s sound is best described as “rap Nusantara”, with an emphasis on poetic lyrics and locally influenced music which are Qarma Musiq trademarks.



Zizi Kirana comes from from Semporna, Sabah. She brought her talent to KL and in 2009 ended up as a finalist on Malaysian reality show Akademi Fantasia (Season 7). At the end of the season, she joined local hip hop group The Fabulous Cats. After several successful years, she decided to begin a new journey by joining Nukilan as Kirana

Kirana caught the attention of Qarma Musiq with her unique voice and versatility. Having worked regularly with producer Malique in recording demos, she is outgoing, direct and very committed to her work.

As Kirana in Nukilan, she sings and raps equally well.

Twitter: @Mrs_zizi

Instagram: @zizi_kirana


Young and ambitious, Agenda started out in Kuantan, Pahang as part of a hip hop duo called YMY. Known also as Kmy Kmo, he was friends with Kelana who then introduced him to Qarma Musiq. After listening to his demo, the label agreed to accept him into Nukilan. Kmy then took the stage name Agenda and left Kuantan for KL.

Agenda joined Nukilan as a rapper. Under the tutelage of Malique, he learnt how to improve his writing and add new facets to his raps. Agenda is sensitive, loyal and very close with his family.

Twitter: @KKmoitis

Instagram: @kmy__kmo


Born in Pekan, Pahang, Kelana started out in 2011 as a finalist in Akademi Fantasia (Season 9). At the end of the season, he joined The Fabulous Cats and got to know Kirana. He was previously known by his given name Afif and upon joining Nukilan, decided on the name Kelana, which means to journey in pursuit of new ventures. Kelana has also worked regularly with Malique in recording demos, and the label who was by then familiar with him offered that be a part of Nukilan.

To Nukilan, Kelana adds his gravelly voice and raw style of singing. In person, he is optimistic, respectful and believes in always trying his best.

Instagram: @afiftz



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