Peace be unto you.
I would like to congratulate Joe Flizzow on his recent AJL win. As much as I am happy for him, I would also like to make clear that I have never endorsed any part of my presence in ‘Apa Khabar’. As for now, I have no interest in reviving Too Phat or musically responding to any songs which are perceived to be related to me. All the songs that I have produced including ‘Rindu’ (Shae & Nukilan, Warner Music Malaysia, February 2015), and will produce in the future have no relations to any elements outside my label Qarma Musiq. I would appreciate if I’m only associated with Qarma Musiq and my solo career as Malique Ibrahim, beginning from my debut album ‘OK’ (2008) to the present; as it also affects my marketing, new undertakings and my family’s privacy. Also to clarify, I do not have any social media accounts and I have never replied “khabar baik, bro” though I do wish the very best to Joe Flizzow. Please be informed. Thank you for your continuous support for the truth. 

Much love and respect,
Malique Ibrahim
February 2015

“People will always be who they want,
And that’s what really makes the world go ‘round” 
- Damian Marley