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Notis penting

Sebarang pembelian produk qarma hanya boleh dilakukan di atau melalui agent-agent rasmi sahaja dengan harga yang telah ditetapkan oleh Harga agent mungkin berbeza sedikit dengan harga yang tertera di Untuk mendapat kepastian dan pengesahan harga agent sila hubungi Jo di 0134880107. Sila laporkan ke pihak kami jika ada pihak yang menjual produk kami dengan harga yang tidak munasabah. Di sini disenaraikan nama-nama agent, contact number serta kawasan urusniaga. 

Agent 001 - 0134880107 wangsa maju, damansara

Agent 002 - 0102958872 - kl, damansara

Agent 003 - 0186652568 - kl

Berminat untuk jadi sales agent untuk produk Qarma? Sila hubungi Jo di 0134880107

Malique TKO Caller Ringtone Codes

Qarma Musiq would like to say thank you to everyone who has so far purchased Malique's original autographed albums and merchandise from our online shop. We appreciate your support.

Below are the caller ringtone codes for Maxis, Digi and Celcom users:

Malique 'TKO'

Cara-cara Muat Turun:

Maxis Caller Ringtones  : Dial *131*code# dan tekan call/send

Celcom Call Me Tones    : Dial *888*code# dan tekan call/send

DiGi Caller Tunes              : Dial *233*code# dan tekan call/send

  1. 2010 Masih Hip Hop (ft. Joe Flizzow): Celcom: 277336, Maxis: 555958, Digi: 1806820
  2. Aku Maafkan Kamu (ft. Jamal Abdillah): Celcom: 277337, Maxis: 555958, Digi: 1806821
  3. Bukan Mudah (ft. Nukilan): Celcom: 277338, Maxis: 555960, Digi: 1806822
  4. Cuba Lagi (ft. Lah Ahmad): Celcom: 277339, Maxis: 555963, Digi: 0087563
  5. Muzik Buatku High: Celcom: 277341, Maxis: 555962, Digi: 1806823
  6. Pejamkan Mata (ft. Dayang Nurfaizah): Celcom: 277341, Maxis: 555964, Digi: 1806824
  7. Perang Dah Tamat (ft. Rabbani): Celcom: 277342, Maxis: 555965, Digi: 0117801
  8. Salut (ft. Ariz): Celcom: 277343, Maxis: 555966, Digi: 1806825
  9. Senyum (ft. Najwa): Celcom: 277344, Maxis: 555967, Digi: 1806826
  10. Teman Pengganti (ft. Black): Celcom: 277345, Maxis: 555970, Digi: 1806827



Malique - OK

Good news!

We are restocking limited copies of Malique's OK album, last printed in 2008.

OK is a double-disc album and all copies will be autographed by Malique. Available in early April only through our online store. Subscribe to back in stock email notifications for immediate updates.

Malique - TKO: Pejamkan Mata

All copies of Malique's TKO: Pejamkan Mata album bought through our online store will be autographed by Malique. Limited copies only. Buy here:


Due to the misinformation currently circulating, we would like to clarify that Malique’s TKO: Pejamkan Mata album is a compilation of previously released singles plus three (3) new songs. The full track listing is stated below. Also, TKO: Pejamkan Mata is not a “comeback album”, it is a “farewell album”; the closing chapter in Malique’s Malay-language trilogy. Malique’s next album will be in English and will be releasing in 2017. 

Merujuk kepada informasi tidak tepat yang kini sedang berlegar, pihak kami ingin membuat klarifikasi yang album Malique TKO: Pejamkan Mata adalah sebuah album kompilasi lagu-lagu yang terlebih dahulu telah dikeluar-edarkan dan hanya memuatkan (3) lagu baru. Susun atur lagunya adalah seperti di bawah. Album tko:pejamkan mata juga bukanlah sebuah album "comeback" malah lebih kepada album "selamat tinggal", babak terakhir kepada album trilogi bahasa melayu beliau. Album Malique yang berikutnya adalah di dalam bahasa Inggeris dan akan diedarkan pada 2017. Harap maklum.

Complete Track Listing
TKO: Pejamkan Mata 
1. Warkah Dari Perbatasan (Intro)
2. Salut featuring Ariz
3. Perang Dah Tamat featuring Rabbani
4. 2010 Masih Hip Hop featuring Joe Flizzow
5. Muzik Buatku High
6. Senyum featuring Najwa
7. Cuba Lagi featuring Lah Ahmad
8. Bukan Mudah with Nukilan
9. Aku Maafkan Kamu featuring Jamal Abdillah
10. Teman Pengganti with Black
11. Pejamkan Mata featuring Dayang Nurfaizah

Send in your beats

We are looking for beats. If you have any completed beats that you'd like us to listen to, kindly send in your demos to We are open to all styles of music. Please note that we will only reply those who have been chosen. All beats submitted must be your own.

'Rindu' Official Launch

2:42pm, 24th February 2015 was the official launch of Shae & Nukilan's single 'Rindu', a Qarma Musiq production for Warner Music Malaysia. The press conference was held at Warner Music's office and the invited press were treated to a performance by Shae & Nukilan as well as an interview session. Here are some photos from the press conference, also available in our Gallery;

Peace be unto you.
I would like to congratulate Joe Flizzow on his recent AJL win. As much as I am happy for him, I would also like to make clear that I have never endorsed any part of my presence in ‘Apa Khabar’. As for now, I have no interest in reviving Too Phat or musically responding to any songs which are perceived to be related to me. All the songs that I have produced including ‘Rindu’ (Shae & Nukilan, Warner Music Malaysia, February 2015), and will produce in the future have no relations to any elements outside my label Qarma Musiq. I would appreciate if I’m only associated with Qarma Musiq and my solo career as Malique Ibrahim, beginning from my debut album ‘OK’ (2008) to the present; as it also affects my marketing, new undertakings and my family’s privacy. Also to clarify, I do not have any social media accounts and I have never replied “khabar baik, bro” though I do wish the very best to Joe Flizzow. Please be informed. Thank you for your continuous support for the truth. 

Much love and respect,
Malique Ibrahim
February 2015

“People will always be who they want,
And that’s what really makes the world go ‘round” 
- Damian Marley